Council of Rats

by Council of Rats

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recorderd and mixed february 2013 @TRAISTUDIO Inzago by Fabio Intraina
mastered by Ale "Gengy" di Guglielmo


released April 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Council of Rats Milan, Italy

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Track Name: New Society
all hail the new society
a savage breed
a sewage beast
raised by rats, moths and roaches
pale faces lit by torches
consumed animals
the epidemic is here to cleanse the land
raised by rats moths and vultures
putrid claws claim corruption
when all hope is lost
all hope is buried under the black flag of failure on your deathbed
so sound the bells
there's no escape
but to treasure reverie
raised by rats moths and roaches
pale faces lit by torches
paralized parasites
no poison will ever rid what you have done
Track Name: Wolf Reaper
feed the earth to the serpent fangs
soiled scythe anodine
fear the fate of a falling sun
generating destruction
feed the earth to the serpent fangs
disaffected empire
heavy hands dig heavy thoughts
carve circles in black obsidian
woodland soul of ancient germ
heartless judge annihilate
extinction wolf reaper
digging up my grave
digging up your grave
drifting through the world
heartless judge
Track Name: Divinations
these lungs
give out
the best of youth
we howl
like wolves
we're staying out forever
and when the dawning lights come up
we run away from them
and awkward fingers brush while sharing cigarettes
if only we could flee
the images we see
and turn them into dust
we wouldn't need to sail a sinking ship
and witness the outlook in tarot cards
the moon the world the lovers
a troubled horoscope
with all the arrows down
for what it's worth I've been a quitter all my life
a penny for your thoughts
for what it's worth everything is dead
Track Name: The Lighthouse
I’ve lost my world again today
a warming sense of wonder and decay
no longer beacon of production
no longer loyal service slave
above the sea in this lighthouse
I’m better off alone
concerned but not affected
I can’t recall how many times I’ve felt this wrong
I just got fired from work again
a warming sense of wonder and decay
please tell my wife I won’t be coming home
they said I’m lacking dedication
you said that you always get what you deserve
Track Name: Tomie
they will love you
they will hate you
they will cut you up
tear apart the drop dead girl
carry me in a bag
everywhere you go
horror runs along
those few days spent with you
are all special memories for me
everyone will suffer now
feels like we are all
feels like we are all brave
feels like we are all breaking down
no matter what you try
you just cannot die
both hands white the cross
give love to your downfall
this will never end
Track Name: Naysayer
let it be foretold
like a kiss to hide the scars
like a pill that gives you sleep
indulging myself with teeth
pretending to scrape my bones
heart turns cold
and over the years I learned
to speak with my ghost
misguided by sharp tongues
we settle for mutual remorse
oppose the ancient beliefs
abandon the paved road
a mirror for sterile achievements
abandon the road
oppose the ancient
parting high hopes
no cause of action
no gods
no masters
forefathers decay